Knees & Hips

Joint pain is a common trouble irrespective of age, especially in knees and hips. These are two of the largest joints and are involved in many movements. Although designed to withstand repetitive movements, they are prone to pain and cramping which can restrict movement. Understanding the causes behind these problems makes it easier to treat and minimize pain.

Causes of knee and hip pain

There are several reasons behind chronic knee and hip pain/strain:

  • Bad posture, leading to pain in the lumbar area, groin or pelvis
  • A previous injury or trauma, including to cartilage
  • Osteoarthritis (causes stiffness of the muscles, resulting in mobility issues; affects knees and hips)
  • Being overweight

Chiropractic treatment for knee and hip pain

Chiropractic adjustment of the knee and hip joints will help relieve muscle stiffness and joint pain. The focus of using chiropractic treatment is to normalize the movement of these joints and muscles. Specific chiropractic manipulations over time will significantly help mobility and improve joint function. Certain chiropractic treatments, like soft tissue and cross friction massage and trigger point therapy, are also helpful for knee pain. When you consult an expert chiropractor about your problems, they will suggest the best treatment for you. Their focus will be to improve the joint position and balance so that mobility troubles are minimized.

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